Aussie vets, Aussie players react to Harvey: ‘I didn’t know what to do’

It’s a strange moment in Australian rugby.The last time a Storm were victorious over their Storm counterparts was back in 2012 when they upset the All Blacks in the quarter-finals of the Rugby Championship.This year the Storm are facing the Kangaroos and the All Black’s were just two wins away from taking the title.But what […]

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What is medicine for coronovirus?

Medical professionals and researchers in the US are warning that the coronaviscosis pandemic could be “much worse than anticipated,” with many of the country’s top medical institutions warning that a “death spiral” is being set in motion for the virus.“I am concerned that this is going to be a much more significant epidemic than anticipated, […]

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How to get flea medicine in the U.S. without getting a prescription

The U.K. is among several European nations that have been cracking down on flea treatments in recent years, but the new European legislation could be the first in the West to impose such a sweeping ban.The European Union has also introduced a blanket ban on fleas and ticks.It is one of the most progressive laws […]

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Why I’m Not in the Pharmacy: An Advice to You about Pharmacy Expenses

“It’s a pretty scary world out there,” said Dr. Jennifer L. Gaudet, a dermatologist and owner of the clinic at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, a city-run outpatient clinic.“I don’t know of a lot of people who have gotten this kind of help, so that’s why we do what we do.”The clinic, known […]

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Which healthcare provider is the best for your pain medicine?

By Elizabeth K. BowersMARY’S MEDICINALS: This is the only one of Mary’s Medicinals that is not on the market.This is a one-of-a-kind medicinal, which is a specialised brand of medicinal, with a variety of different types of medicine, and has been developed by Mary herself.The brand is called Mary’s Medical Products and has over 400 […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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