How to make a vaccine to protect children from measles

India has a long and complicated history with the measles, a disease that killed more than 300,000 children worldwide last year.

Now, the country is on the verge of seeing a major vaccine strategy.

A series of initiatives and efforts have been put in place by Indian health authorities to improve the response to the outbreak, including the development of an antiviral vaccine and the development and testing of new drugs to treat the disease.

But the vaccine strategy is far from over.

A new report by the New Delhi-based advocacy group, Physicians for a National Vaccine Advisory Committee, shows that the country still faces a significant challenge in getting vaccines to the public.

The group said it has already received several recommendations from health authorities and vaccine manufacturers on how to improve vaccination and get more children vaccinated, but the government is still hesitant to implement them.

“It’s a little bit too early to say that India is at the stage of being able to have a vaccine for measles in a large enough scale,” said PNNAC’s Kalyani Srivastava.

“But we believe there is enough progress that we can expect to see a very rapid vaccination program that will allow us to have vaccines for measles at least within a few years.”

Srivastav said India is in the midst of an unprecedented outbreak of measles, and its vaccination program needs to be significantly improved.

The country is facing an outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases that have not been seen in India before, and vaccination has not been easy for the country, she said.

“So we have to be prepared for the challenges that we’re going to have to overcome, and to be able to get vaccinated for measles, which we’ve never seen in our country before,” Srivaskar said.

Srivaskars report noted that the government had a long way to go before making sure that the measles vaccine was effective.

“India is facing a serious challenge in the field of vaccine development,” she said, “and it is a challenge that we need to be very conscious of in our strategy to get vaccines to our children and to the broader population.”

The government has made progress on several fronts.

It has begun to vaccinate people at a much earlier age and has deployed thousands of health workers to help vaccinate the population, according to the report.

But the government still has some hurdles to overcome.

According to the National Immunization Plan, India will need to vaccinating at least 3 million people by 2020, which is less than the target of 5 million, which was the plan at the beginning of the pandemic.

The government also needs to ramp up production of the vaccines to a level that will make them available to the general population.

The report said that India’s vaccine production has been hampered by the government’s unwillingness to invest in a vaccine manufacturing program, and that the number of doses that India has been able to produce has not kept up with the demand.

“We have to make sure that we do this very quickly.

We need to start manufacturing the vaccines and distributing them by 2020,” Srivela said.

But there are some promising signs.

The number of vaccines being manufactured is going up, and more and more doctors are getting involved in vaccinating children, she added.

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