How naturopathic doctor M.K. Sharma’s holistic medicine movie will save the world

Dr. M. K. Sharma is a naturopath and an all-round healer.

The filmmaker’s film, The Natural Cure, is slated to be released in September.

Dr. Sharma was the first Indian naturopathy doctor to be appointed by the government to head a national institute in the US, and the first one to be invited to address the US Congress.

The film follows the story of a natuarian family who are battling malaria, a disease that has been killing Indians for over a century.

Dr Sharma has said that he wanted to give the world a glimpse into the lives of ordinary Indians and also showcase how the country has been able to heal itself through naturoapy.

The documentary was shot at a location that is currently under water.

The team, consisting of Drs.

Suresh Kumar and Dinesh Agarwal, has been in touch with local doctors and residents to ensure that the film is safe for the community.

The project has also been supported by a number of local NGOs.

Dr. Sharma has been a regular visitor to the US and has also spent time with his family in India.

The director said that Dr. Ashish Kulkarni, who directed the film, and his team had to fight for their rights in the United States.

Dr Ashish said that they have always wanted to share their story and their journey with the world.

“I feel very honoured and honored to be able to share the journey with Dr. Kulkarti.

We have always felt that if we had a film like this, it would change people’s perception of India,” Dr Ashas said.

The film, which is slated for release in September, follows the life of a family in rural Kerala.

The family, whose name was revealed in the film as M.D.S., is trying to cure the disease that is plaguing the area.

Dr M.S. said that this disease is not the result of any lack of treatment or lack of knowledge.

“This disease is a problem that people have, a very serious disease that we are fighting,” he said.

The two-part film focuses on M.M., who is a farmer from a village in Karnataka.

His family lives in a remote village and their only source of income comes from the sale of their land.

The villagers live in constant fear of the disease.

The two-hour documentary follows the family as they face the problems of trying to live in this remote village.

“The villagers are so scared that they cannot go out at night.

The disease is very serious and people do not know what to do,” Dr. S. said.

Dr S. has also met the villagers and they have expressed their gratitude towards Dr.

M.K., who has helped them in their battle.

“They have been very helpful,” Dr S said.

“He has given them a lot of strength and he is very happy about it.”

The family is also trying to raise awareness about the disease and also educate the public about its effects.

“We are working very hard to educate the people about the symptoms of malaria and how to control it,” Dr M S said, adding that they are also hoping to raise funds for their family’s medical bills.

The documentary has been shot in collaboration with the Kerala government.

A team of 10 people worked for more than three weeks to film every single day.

The cast and crew of The Natural Condition also included a producer and an executive producer.

The filmmakers hope that The Natural Combo will make a positive impact in the country and help in saving lives.

The movie was shot in India, which has one of the highest rates of malaria in the world, and was filmed in collaboration between the Centre for Health Promotion and the Department of National Health.

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