Michigan medical school faces $7.5M lawsuit over fees

The University of Michigan Medical School is facing a lawsuit alleging that its students are not receiving adequate medical education, despite a $7,500 annual stipend.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit, alleges that the Michigan Medical Society and Michigan Council of Hospitals and Clinics is not providing medical students with adequate instruction.

The Michigan Medical Association (MMA) is asking for an injunction to prevent the Michigan Council from charging fees for the medical school’s medical residency program.

The association’s complaint claims that Michigan Medical Schools medical residency fee schedule violates Michigan law.

The medical school also claims that the MMS is charging students to attend medical residencies and that students do not receive adequate instruction for all of their residency programs.

“MMS is the largest and most prestigious medical school in the world, and we expect our students to meet their financial responsibilities,” said Mark Zwally, vice president of the Michigan Association of Medical Schools, in a statement.

“Our medical students must be able to afford to pay for their medical education.

MMS will continue to work diligently to make sure that our medical students receive the best possible training to help them prepare for a variety of careers.”

The Michigan Council on Health Care Services (MCHS) and Michigan Medical Student Association (MMSSA) filed the lawsuit in the Michigan District Court for the Northern District of Michigan.

It alleges that, in 2014, MMS was given a “fees freeze” by MCHS in response to the rising costs of the school’s program for medical students.

According to the lawsuit, the freeze “was intended to allow MMS to meet the costs of providing health care services to its students, but the freeze was never implemented, and MMS has since been faced with increasing financial hardships.”

The lawsuit states that in response, MCHS, in March 2015, enacted a new, “fee freeze” which imposed a fee schedule on the school for all residency programs beginning with the first residency, which was June 2015.

MCHS states that the new fee schedule is “in contravention of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and the Michigan State Medical Licensing Act, and is unlawful and unreasonable.”

The complaint also alleges that MMS’ fee schedule for its residency program was “in the highest level of reimbursement.”

According to a statement from the Michigan AMA, the Michigan MMS Association, the medical society, and MMSSA “strongly support” the lawsuit and are “working with MMS in its efforts to defend its position in this case.”

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