How to make a new ‘reddit cure’ that works without an opioid

If you suffer from the pain of a chronic pain condition, you’ve probably tried some sort of prescription medication.

But it might be time to try a new painkiller.

According to the University of Toronto Medical School, this opioid-based medicine is known as ‘marijuana oil’, and has been shown to be safe, effective and cost-effective in people with chronic pain.

The research was published in the journal Pain in December.

In a series of experiments, researchers found that using marijuana oil in combination with an opioid helped people with moderate to severe chronic pain get rid of their chronic pain, while at the same time reducing their overall risk of developing the condition in the future.

“We found that marijuana oil reduces pain by a number of pathways, including reducing pain-related inflammation and inflammation-associated pain, by up to 30%, and by improving the quality of sleep,” said Dr Rupesh Rao, a researcher at the University.

The researchers also found that combining marijuana oil with an anticonvulsant medication, which can also improve sleep, made it possible for people with mild to moderate chronic pain to get enough sleep without the need for opioid-like drugs.

“Our results show that combining a medicine like marijuana oil and a medication like an opioid could have therapeutic effects in patients with chronic non-cancer pain,” Dr Rao said.

The team also found a potential benefit to combining marijuana with an anti-anxiety medication, as well as a medication that is commonly used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

They plan to continue investigating whether or not this combination could be used to help people suffering from PTSD, a condition that is common among veterans and is associated with PTSD-like symptoms.

Marijuana and the War on Drugs Since the 1970s, the War On Drugs has gone to great lengths to make the opioid epidemic worse by prosecuting individuals and companies who sell painkillers, which has led to more deaths.

Now, with cannabis being legal in more and more states, the research is hopeful that this new treatment may help those who are struggling to control their pain.

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