A chest infection: The truth about pneumonia

More than 200 million people worldwide are infected with pneumonia each year.

Here’s what you need to know about the illness.


Can you catch pneumonia?

If you’re infected with the coronavirus, you can catch pneumonia.

But the virus can also cause pneumonia.

You can catch it by breathing in droplets of contaminated air.

When you’re sick, your lungs can contract and expel fluids.

These fluids can travel up your nose or throat and into your lungs.

Sometimes the fluid will spread to the lungs and lungs can become infected.

Some people who get pneumonia may also develop pneumonia-like symptoms that cause coughing, sneezing, or runny nose.

Some symptoms of pneumonia can include fever, cough, and wheezing.

Your health care provider can help you determine if you have pneumonia.

If you have a fever or cough, your healthcare provider may want to rule out pneumonia.

To get a better idea about the severity of your symptoms, your health care professional will test you.

If your healthcare professional finds you have pneumococcal pneumonia, you may need to be hospitalized for observation.


What causes pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be caused by a number of viruses, including coronaviruses (a group of four different types of viruses).

It can also be caused in other ways, such as through inhalation of aerosols, coughing, or touching surfaces.

Common ways to catch pneumonia include:Drinking water containing the virusThe ingestion of droplets from contaminated surfaces such as clothing, bedding, or other surfacesYou touching surfaces or objects that have a surface that’s contaminated with virus particlesYour breathing of air containing the droplets that have infected your lungsDrinking or taking a medication that causes coughing or sneezesA person with a history of pneumonia has more than 1 in 10 people developing pneumonia.

People with pneumonia often develop pneumonia after exposure to other people’s coughs, sneeezes, or coughs.

You may also have pneumonia if you breathe in a droplet of virus or droplets.

When you catch pneumococcus, the virus usually goes through your nose and travels into your lung.

But it can also travel into the bloodstream.

Sometimes, it can travel through your bloodstream to the heart.

Your doctor may want you to stay in the hospital for observation while you’re in the intensive care unit.

This can include a CT scan to rule in or out the possibility of pneumonia.3.

What are the symptoms of a pneumonia?

Symptoms of pneumonia vary from person to person.

But common symptoms include:Headache that worsens or gets worse during the dayWhen you’re having a cough, sneey, or sneeze that’s painful, runny, or wateryYou can also get sick when you have chest pain, fever, or a headache that’s aggravated by coughing, coughing or sniffing, even if you’re not coughing or spitting.

You may have:Nausea or vomiting that lasts more than 30 minutesA burning or painful cough that’s hard to manageIf you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor or get checked by your healthcare providers.


How do I get a CT or X-ray?

You can get a medical CT or an X-rays from your healthcare team.

If your healthcare teams thinks you have influenza or pneumonia, your doctor will need to get a prescription for a flu shot.

If a flu vaccine is not available, you’ll need to receive a shot from a healthcare provider.

Your healthcare provider will also need to do a chest x-ray to determine if there are any signs of pneumonia or if you need treatment.

You will need the test results from both CT scans and X-scan to determine your risk for complications.

If there are complications, you could have pneumonia or flu complications.

Your doctors will check you to see if you should be hospitalized or if there is a risk of complications.5.

What can I do if I have pneumonia?

If you or someone you know has pneumonia, ask your healthcare professionals about ways to reduce your risk.

If possible, you should avoid coughing, snoring, or making a loud sound that makes the room feel uncomfortable.

Try to avoid people you know.

Talk to your family, friends, and co-workers about how to keep from getting sick.

Your care team may recommend other measures that you can take, such like using a mask.

If all else fails, call 911 or go to the emergency room.

Your provider may give you a shot or ask you to go to a hospital emergency room if you are not contagious.

Your insurance may also cover the cost of a flu shots if you go to an emergency room and need treatment or if your doctor tells you to.

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