Why do footballers’ stomach aches sound so different from their other complaints?

The sound of a player’s heart beating, the sound of someone’s breath or even the sound a ball leaves the pitch are all common symptoms of pain or illness, but the source of the discomfort is unclear.

And that’s despite the fact that the most common cause of pain in football is the injury it caused.

This is because the vast majority of the time, it’s caused by the same problem that makes people uncomfortable: inflammation.

When the body is injured, it breaks down proteins into smaller pieces and makes them available for repair.

As a result, this process creates a constant supply of painkillers, which are then needed by the body to heal itself.

However, as the body tries to recover, it produces more and more painkillers.

And as the pain worsens, so does the inflammation.

The pain becomes so bad that the body begins to experience symptoms that are thought to be caused by inflammation, such as: pain at the area where the injury happened, the feeling of pressure on the area, swelling of the area around the injured area and the burning feeling in the area of the injury.

So how can a footballer’s stomach ache sound different from other types of pain?

The answer lies in the fact the pain is triggered by an area of inflammation.

This inflammation is often found at the site of the damage that caused the injury, such that when it becomes too much, the pain can become so severe that it becomes unbearable.

The inflammation can also trigger other symptoms of a problem such as a burning sensation or itching.

However it doesn’t necessarily mean that pain in the stomach is caused by an infection.

The body has a natural defence mechanism that attacks inflammation and breaks down harmful proteins.

It’s this defence mechanism called an enzyme that causes the pain to trigger, and the body can then break down the offending proteins, and produce painkillers that will help the body heal itself in a healthy way.

There’s another reason why the pain may sound different: it’s a result of a different part of the body.

When an injury causes inflammation, the body breaks down tissue, releasing certain molecules that can cause pain.

This release of molecules in the body triggers pain.

The chemicals are known as pain receptors.

When these receptors are stimulated, they become activated.

This activates the pain-triggering proteins.

These proteins are made up of different molecules that are responsible for different symptoms.

For example, one type of pain-receptor protein, called PPARα, is responsible for pain in a variety of parts of the stomach.

The other type, PPARβ, is involved in inflammation and is known to cause pain in various parts of muscles, such the muscles of the neck, stomach and stomach lining.

The proteins that trigger pain are called cytokines.

These molecules are released from the body when the body makes a chemical called cytokine-1, which is made up by the immune system.

The molecules that trigger inflammation are known to trigger pain, but not in a specific part of your body.

For example, when you get a cut, the immune systems release a molecule called tumor necrosis factor-alpha, which causes inflammation.

A second type of cytokine is called interleukin-2, which can cause inflammation in the heart and lungs.

This type of interleukein-1 is a molecule that can trigger inflammation in certain parts of your pancreas, but also the immune cells in your gut.

The result of all of this is that pain is caused in the other parts of our bodies as well, including the muscles, which in turn causes pain in other parts.

In fact, there are more than 10,000 different types of cytokines, all of which are responsible.

For a typical example of an inflammation, a piece of tissue that is damaged in a physical injury can cause an inflammatory reaction.

This can lead to an inflammatory response, which results in pain.

For the symptoms caused by chronic inflammation, there’s an immune response that comes about.

This is triggered in the liver and pancreases.

This response causes inflammation of the pancrease.

This triggers an inflammatory immune response in the pancrea, which triggers pain, inflammation and a rise in blood pressure.

When a player is injured this way, the inflammation can make the muscles in the injured areas swell and damage the tissue around the damaged area.

This damage causes a swelling of different parts of this area.

In other words, the injury is causing pain, which leads to an inflammation.

In cases where an injury does not cause an inflammation or inflammation of one of the muscle areas, the player can experience pain symptoms that aren’t caused by any other part of their body.

For this reason, an inflammation of a muscle or muscle group is called an “acute inflammatory response” or “inflammation in one muscle”.

The more inflammatory the injury caused, the more severe the

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