When it comes to the Chinese herbal medicine business, UAB has its hands full

UAB Medicine, which is the flagship UAB healthcare provider, is a pioneer in the Chinese medicinal medicine field.

The company’s chief medical officer Dr Andrew Rochon said: ‘Chinese herbal medicine is an extremely important source of modern medicine in the world today, as well as a potential source of future breakthrough medicines for the modern era.’

‘As a result of this, UB has been a key player in developing and commercialising a range of Chinese herbal medicines, including a wide range of novel products that are in clinical trials.’

Dr Rochin added that UAB is now developing an array of novel Chinese herbal products including ‘a novel formulation of Chinese medicinal herbs that may provide novel clinical benefits for a range or conditions’.

Dr Rechon said that UB had been in the forefront of the Chinese medical technology industry since the late 1990s.

‘As Chinese herbalists are well-established in this field, we are able to leverage the expertise and expertise of the UAB team to develop new Chinese herbal remedies, which are being commercially developed to treat a wide variety of conditions and conditions in the future.’

The UAB medicine business has a strong financial presence and is a major player in the field, as the company’s annual revenues are $1.3 billion.

UAB Health, the largest private Chinese medicinal company in Australia, also has a major presence in Australia.

Dr Rachael Bower, Chief Executive Officer of UAB Medical, said: ‘[UAB Health] is an important partner in the development of Chinese medicines that are being developed to help our patients improve their quality of life and manage chronic diseases.’

‘We believe that Chinese medicine is one of the fastest growing medical markets in the United States, and is the most promising avenue for Chinese healthcare in Australia.’

Dr Bower added that the Chinese medicine industry is rapidly expanding in Australia and UAB’s partnership with UAB Healthcare will help to ensure that the best medicines are available for patients in the state.

‘UAB is a world leader in China, and we are thrilled to partner with UB Healthcare to create a significant Chinese medical infrastructure in the Australian market.’

‘It’s important to note that UBB has a long history of providing Chinese medicine, which has been one of its strengths for over 20 years,’ Dr Ruchon said.

‘It will be a privilege for UAB to be able to continue its global leadership in this area.’

We also welcome UAB, the U.S., Australia and the world to become a part of UB Medicine and U.

B Healthcare in China.’

‘This collaboration will further strengthen our relationship with U.H. and provide the world’s most innovative, world-class medical products and technology in China,’ Dr Bowers said.

U.P. Health, a private Australian private company, is also developing Chinese herbal therapies in Australia that are now in clinical trial.

Dr Andrew Cavanagh, President and CEO of U.PP Health, said the company had a very positive working relationship with Dr R. Rochan and Dr Rakhnath Gupta at UAB and ‘was delighted to have the opportunity to continue to develop Chinese medicinal products’.

Dr Cavanag added that his company would ‘continue to work with UMB and USB to enhance our capabilities in China in the near future’.

Dr Bury, Chief Scientist of UPP Health said: “The UPP team is focused on the advancement of Chinese medicine and we’re very proud to be part of the international alliance to develop this exciting and promising sector.”

‘U.PP is pleased to partner in this exciting, global partnership and look forward to the continued development of the new products and treatments,’ Dr Cavenagh added.

‘We’re also very grateful to U.HB for helping to build this partnership and will be working with them in a number of areas in the coming months.’

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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