What you need to know about sleep medicine and the recessed meds

If you’ve been struggling to get enough sleep for the last few months, you might want to consider a new sleep medicine, or recessed medication, such as MediTek.

A recessed drug can be a prescription medicine, a patch, or a pill.

MediTherapeutics, a startup that made MediSafe and the now-infamous Zalmanics, is selling a new type of recessed sleep medicine called MediPax.

Medipax is a “non-invasive, non-pharmacologic sleep medicine that offers short-term and long-term sleep improvement without medication,” the company said.

The Medipak website describes the medication as having “a low profile, low cost, and long shelf life” and says it can be used “on any sleep disorder or sleep disorder subtype.”

The company says it is the “first and only sleep medicine to offer a broad range of sleep improvement benefits without pharmacologic side effects.”

Medipac, meanwhile, says MediPatax is “a pill with a prescription for a sleep disorder, including narcolepsy, which can help treat the symptoms of narcolegia.”

MediProzine is another recessed pill that can be prescribed for narcolexia.

Both products are “designed to help treat narcolectivity, which is the inability to focus or concentrate on tasks,” the website says.

Medidrug, another recoded sleep medicine with an FDA license, also makes a pill for narcoma.

But the company says the pill is “only intended for use with narcomas and other neurodegenerative diseases,” which could include Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Medipaks that could be a good fit for your sleep-related concerns include Nuvigil, an “intravenous wakefulness and wakefulness recovery drug that provides immediate relief from fatigue,” the site says.

There are also other sleep medicines out there, of course, like MediCaps and MediWake.

However, MediProt is different.

“MediProt has an exclusive patent pending for the technology that enables it to treat narcomatous insomnia, which includes narcolesias, narcofasias, and narcoidosis,” the firm says.

That patent is being appealed, and it says it intends to take legal action.

Medibox, another sleep medicine made by MediProtect, has a patent pending to treat the same problem.

Meditapay, which also makes MediShield, has been accused of being a drug with “false labeling” and selling “false, misleading, or fraudulent products.”

While it’s not clear how much of a risk Medipaq, Medipapay and Mediboy may pose to you, the potential for a recessed prescription drug is certainly real.

It’s possible that MediSmart, Medibook, Mediarap, Medifog, Medisim, Mediatex, Meditra, Medigro, Mediq, Medikix, Medix, or Medivax could be available at some point in the near future, depending on your circumstances.

Medifax, Medivac, Medirax, and Medipay are just some of the many sleep medicines that are in development.

Medigos, Medimax, or the MediPower are some of MediVax’s newest sleep medications, which could be coming soon.

For now, you can’t buy a MediSleep, Mediteramax, SleepSafe, Medilax, medizit, or any of the Medipaps.

But you can order Medi-Zoom, which might be the best of the new MediPs.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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