Patients, doctors, doctors-in-training unite to oppose ‘overwhelming’ Osteopathic manipulative medical treatment

More than 40 medical students from the Israeli Medical College of Osteopathy have signed a letter to the medical faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem saying they do not believe in the therapeutic value of osteopathic manipulative and orthopedic medicine (OMM).

The letter was released late Tuesday after the head of the medical school called the proposal an “invalid and unacceptable” idea and an attempt to force osteopathic medicine onto patients, the Hebrew news agency Ynet reported.

The signatories of the letter are all members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Olam, the medical society of the OMA, which is part of the Joint Israeli Medical Council.

It is important that we understand that OMM, in its essence, is osteopathic medical practice, the letter reads.

“The use of osteopathy to treat patients is not only important, it is necessary and is an integral part of our health and well-being,” the letter says.

Our society has never accepted the concept of osteopaths as an independent health care provider,” it adds. “

Osteopathy is also a form of alternative medicine and it should be respected.”

“Our society has never accepted the concept of osteopaths as an independent health care provider,” it adds.

“Furthermore, we should be able to respect the decision of the board of the Board of Medical Directors [of the Hebrew Medical College], which does not consider osteopathy as an alternative medicine.”

The Medical College, the largest osteopathic school in Israel, was founded in 1925, and it has since developed into a renowned medical institution with some 20,000 graduates.

The medical students signed the letter in response to the announcement that the Israeli government has ordered all osteopathic and orthotic clinics across the country to close for two weeks.

The letter also expresses concern over the growing popularity of OMA in Israeli society, which has also been influenced by the recent passing of controversial physician Dr. Aryeh Beilin, who advocated OMT for several years.

“In our view, the OMT program is a way of taking advantage of the increasing numbers of osteoporosis patients, which have been suffering from the degenerative disease, osteo-arthritis [OA].

OMT is not for everyone, but we must realize that there are people who are not interested in the osteopathic treatment of osteosarcoma, or any disease, and that this program has been successful in providing a service that is not based on a medical philosophy,” the students wrote.

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