How to make a magic potion for your next family vacation

You may have heard of magic mushrooms, but are you familiar with how they work?

Well, you’re in luck, because this article is for you.

Magic mushrooms can be purchased at any health food store, and it’s very easy to make magic mushroom tea at home.

Here are the steps to making magic mushroom oolong tea.


Prepare the ingredients for your magic mushroom brew: 1) Take a few of the best magic mushrooms you can find.

This is because most people do not know how to make them.

2) If you are a beginner or a pro, you may want to experiment with some different types of magic mushroom.

Some people use the dried mushrooms as a flavor enhancer, others add a splash of liquid honey to their tea.

3) If your tea is going to be for a family trip, you will want to start with some white tea.

A good white tea will contain more acidity and help with the immune system.

4) Once you have made your tea, it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients.

To add some water to the brew, you can use a funnel or a glass.

A little bit of lemon juice is also a good addition, since lemon can help with digestion.

For this article, we are using an organic teapot, and I found that using a glass is the best way to add water to your brew.

I also recommend using a plastic bag, because the plastic can be damaged if you leave it in the bag for too long.

5) After you have added the water to each of the brews, you are ready to brew.

6) To brew your magic tea, you want to make sure you add the water slowly so that it does not bubble or spill.

7) When you have poured the water into your teapote, place the tea on top of it and press down firmly so that the tea is submerged in the tea.

8) When your tea has cooled completely, take it out and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

9) You should have some loose, sticky, green tea floating around in the cup.

10) If the green tea is still sticky, you have to pour the water back into the tea to loosen it up a bit.

11) Once the loose green tea has calmed down, add a little more water to keep it from getting too thick.

12) Pour some of the remaining tea into the teapotion cup, and then place the cup on a plate.

13) Take the cup off the plate and place it on the counter and wait for about a minute.

This will allow the tea time to steep.

14) After about 20 minutes, you should have a clear cup of tea.

You may also want to add a pinch of salt to taste.

15) To enjoy the magic mushroom, gently lift the teas tea out of the cup and discard the loose tea.

16) Take some lemon juice and stir it in with your magic mushrooms tea. Enjoy!

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