How to diagnose sinus infection and what to do if you have it

Health officials in Florida are recommending people with a sinus problem to go to a doctor before starting treatment, even though it is not recommended to do so.

The state is making the change because of the increased risk of new cases of sinus infections, including one in a family medicine doctor, which led to the removal of a hospital’s sinus clinic last week.

Health officials said they want to be sure that patients have a clear picture of the symptoms they have and that they are receiving proper treatment. 

It’s the first time that state health officials have recommended a change to the way patients with sinus problems are treated in Florida, the state health department said.

“It is important that patients receive appropriate care before starting sinus treatment,” said Dr. Scott McAllister, the department’s deputy director of the state’s sinuses and sinus disorders program. 

McAllister also noted that sinus patients who are in the care of a family physician or other health care provider have higher risks of infection. 

“They have the same risks that anyone else has,” McAllier said. 

The new guidelines will go into effect Monday.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that the incidence of sinuses in patients with known or suspected sinus disease was four times higher than the general population. 

Dr. Andrew J. Weidman, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, said the current rules are “unnecessarily broad.”

He said they are “overbroad” and “unreasonable.” 

“If a patient has no other symptoms of infection, and there is no need to use antibiotics, it’s possible that a sinuses infection could be treated as a simple cold,” Weidmon said.

He added that patients should not be denied treatment based on their symptoms, as some doctors have suggested.

“If you think your sinuses are cold, you should go see a doctor, but if they’re cold, it might be a good idea to wait and see what the other signs are,” he said.

McAllier and Weidmann recommended that the state review its guidelines to ensure that they reflect current knowledge about sinus issues, as well as current evidence-based medical opinion. 

They also said that people with serious or ongoing symptoms of sinUSes should not undergo surgery or receive drugs, but instead should go to the hospital for treatment.

“The patient should go directly to a physician,” Mcallier said, “because they don’t need drugs.” 

Sinus infections can cause symptoms ranging from mild to severe, but they can also be fatal.

In 2014, a patient died after suffering from sinusitis in an Oregon hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that a total of 5,724 people were infected with sinUSs in the United States last year.

“This is one of the rare cases of a sinUS infection where the patient died,” McDevitt said.

Florida is among the states that have already announced changes to its guidelines.

It also is one state where the state Department of Health and Human Services has made a public health emergency declaration, calling for a plan to increase screening for sinUS infections in people who are younger than 65, and people who have recently had a sinused exam.

Officials also are considering the possibility of adding more requirements for patients who want to go for a routine test. 

Agency: Health officials urge people to seek prompt medical attention for sinus Infection of sinusing person is one reason why a family of four should have a doctor. 

Sinuses are a part of the nasal passages that carry air and nutrients from the mouth and lungs to the brain.

People with sinuses have a lower chance of developing an infection than people without sinuses, but can still get infected by inhaling carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

There are three types of sinUuses: a nasopharyngeal (nose) sinus, nasal cavity (upper airway) sinuses or sinuses (lower airway), and sinuses that are located in the nose (sinuses that can be seen from outside the nose). 

Health officials recommend that everyone who has a sinusing illness receive a doctor-recommended sinus test.

And people with sinusing conditions should get a nasal swab if they have a sinuous cough, runny nose or sinus irritation.

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