Why you need to know your family medicine provider: Why are you the one at risk?

Here are some things to consider if you’re considering getting an appointment with your family doctor.

What are your questions about your family physician?

What are the potential issues you’ll be facing?

What can you expect?

Here are some of the questions that may be of interest to you.

What is the primary role of your family physicians?

Is your primary role being to provide health care to you?

Or do you play a role in your family’s health care?

Are your family members likely to ask about your medical history?

What is your family member’s background?

How does your family care for their own health?

Are you an older family member?

Can you tell the difference between a primary care physician and a general practitioner?

How many people are you seeing in your practice?

What do you expect to be your family history questions and answers?

Are there any specific questions that you’d like to be addressed about your health?

Are you seeing more than one doctor?

Do you have more than two providers in your local area?

Do there are any differences between your family doctors?

Is there a reason why you’re seeing a different doctor or provider in your area?

How are you handling the cost of your care?

Can your family pay for your care if you have health insurance?

Do your family and medical care costs vary based on your income?

Is it reasonable to expect you to pay for family care and for the hospital bills, medications and lab tests that are covered by your insurance?

Are the medical bills covered by the insurance or not?

If so, will you be able to negotiate discounts for your family?

How can you afford family care?

Do family members expect to see more of you after your appointment?

Can they expect to make the same amount of money as you?

Can the bills keep increasing over time?

Are there any expectations from you that you’ll pay more?

Do families expect you will keep seeing more family members after your consultation?

Are family members expecting you to keep seeing them after your visit?

Will you be expected to keep paying your family bills?

How will your family feel about paying the hospital bill after your family visits?

Will you be treated differently if you decide to visit with family members in another state?

Are insurance companies likely to pay more to your family or to the hospital?

Are family members concerned about your privacy and the privacy of your doctor?

Are they concerned that you won’t be able do their surgeries in their home state?

Do they worry that you might not be able afford the surgery or that they won’t pay for it?

Are any of your doctors or patients friends with you?

What if you need an appointment?

Is there a time frame in which you can see your family provider?

Are certain days more appropriate for you?

Do certain family members require special arrangements?

Are all of your appointments with family providers scheduled?

Are certain family visits and appointments with your doctor scheduled in advance?

Do the doctor or doctor’s office have a waiting list?

Is the waiting list a good way to plan your visit and get a good experience?

Are your family appointments with a family doctor scheduled during the week or on weekends?

Is family visits scheduled in the same week as a general checkup?

Is a family visit scheduled in a week that the doctor’s insurance won’t cover?

Are health insurance rates charged by your local health insurance company?

Are some health insurance companies paying more to get health insurance coverage for family members?

Are those rates a good option for you if you can afford to pay?

Are all family visits paid by your family, or do you pay for them all yourself?

Are most family visits with your health insurance covered by private insurance?

Will your family visit pay more than others if you want them to?

Can a family member afford to wait until your health care costs are covered?

Are health insurance premiums paid by insurance companies?

Is insurance coverage paid through an individual policy?

Can insurance cover costs incurred during a family health checkup that the family didn’t pay?

Will the insurance company reimburse you for your costs if you get a diagnosis of a condition during the visit?

Are the costs of your health checkups covered by health insurance.

Is there any way for you to negotiate for your own insurance costs?

Is this coverage an option for all family members and how does your health policy affect your family plan?

Are some health plans paying more than other health insurance plans for family visits.

Does the policy include coverage for your health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

Is coverage for the costs associated with your diabetes or elevated blood pressure paid for by the policy?

Does your health plan have a list of conditions and your family health problems?

Is all of the coverage covered by this policy?

If you can’t pay, are there any other health plans that are paying more for family services?

Does the insurance plan include coverage if your family has a pre-existing condition?

Are other health care providers paying more or less for family health care services?

Can this be considered a form of discrimination

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